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Better understand your own solar power plant.

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We believe in a future in which we use renewable energy sources to cover 100% of our global energy requirements.

Get ready for 24 hours of sun

Fronius energy management reinvented



Generate your own electricity



Use Fronius Solar.web to keep an eye on your product at all times



Identify your consumption patterns



Optimize your own consumption



Store surplus energy and become even more independent



Complete your energy system with a Smart Home control system

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Connect your inverter to Solar.web and become part of our 24 hours of sun campaign, helping us to leave our children a world worth living in.


Why Fronius Solar.web?

With Solar.web, you can always keep an eye on your electricity consumption. All the information you need is available anytime, anywhere and you will be notified of any important events.

Fronius Solar.start App

With the Solar.start app, you can get your inverter online quickly and easily. Once the app is installed, the setup wizard will guide you through all the necessary steps.

Fronius Solar.web App

With the new Solar.web app, you can keep an eye on your photovoltaic system at all times, wherever you are.

Save money

You will receive a detailed overview of your electricity consumption, allowing you to take targeted measures to reduce your costs. Select an attractive warranty model for your Fronius product free of charge.

Fronius Solar.web Premium

Join Solar.web PREMIUM today and benefit from additional analysis options for your photovoltaic system. Individual reports and access to all archive data are just some of the benefits of the Premium membership package.

Fronius Solar.creator

Dimension your photovoltaic system using the latest solar modules and all available Fronius inverters.

Fronius Solar.creator - the perfect design tool!

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