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The website and all information contained therein is provided by Fronius International GmbH.

Main aim of the website:

Visualization of PV system data.

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Fronius International GmbH
Froniusstraße 1
A-4643 Pettenbach

Nature and purpose of the media owner:

Production and sale of products in the battery charging, welding technology, and solar electronics sectors.

Registered office of the media owner:

Froniusstraße 1
A-4643 Pettenbach

Managing Director:

Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß

Contact details:

Tel.: +43/7242/241-0
Fax: +43/7242/241-2670

Registered number and registration office:

Registered number: 149888z
Registration office: Steyr regional court
VAT number: ATU52614407