Your Fronius warranty models
This is the best way to protect your product.

Product registration

If you register your Fronius product within 30 months, you can opt for one of our attractive warranty models completely free of charge!

Extend warranty

Choose the right warranty model for you. With the Fronius Warranty, Fronius provides the relevant spare part or an equivalent replacement device in the event of a claim.
However, Fronius will not bear any costs for assembly or disassembly, or for working hours, transport or other services.

The Fronius Warranty Plus also covers service and transport costs in the event of a claim, as well as the cost of materials, giving you long-term, comprehensive protection.

Warranty extension up to 15 years

We also offer long-term protection for your PV system.
The duration of this warranty term can be adapted to your individual requirements. You may purchase warranty extensions for up to 15 years.
Fronius Warranty
Fronius Warranty Plus
Warranty protection on the material
Service features
Transport costs
Warranty extension up to 15 years
Frequently asked questions
When can I extend my warranty?
As soon as you have registered your Fronius inverter at, many attractive offers will be continuously available to extend the warranty duration of your Fronius inverter. Please note that the Fronius warranty for your Fronius inverter can be extended for a maximum of 15 years, provided that your Fronius inverter's warranty has not yet expired.
What do I do if the address details on my invoice are incorrect?
The details that you provided when registering or ordering will appear on your invoice. Please note that you confirmed that your details were correct when agreeing to the general terms and conditions of Fronius Solar.web. Providing incorrect information represents a breach of these. For this reason, we ask that you always check your information carefully and keep it up-to-date. If your details are still incorrect, please email the correct details to, using the email address associated with your user account. Another option is to change the details yourself in the Fronius Solar.web user settings.
I chose the wrong Fronius extended warranty – can I change it?
Please email with details as soon as possible from the email address associated with your user account.
Where can I find my warranty certificate?
Once you have successfully completed selection of your preferred warranty, your warranty certificate will appear next to your registered Fronius inverter in Fronius Solar.web. In rare cases, the warranty certificate you purchase may not be available in Fronius Solar.web straight away. In this case, the notification 'Warranty certificate in progress' will be displayed in the relevant place.
How do I get my free extended warranty?
Your Fronius inverter is covered by a two-year manufacturer's warranty, and we also give you a further five-year Fronius Warranty or three-year Fronius Warranty Plus for free. In order to receive this, you will need to sign up at and register your Fronius inverter and its serial number. Individual extended warranties are available to purchase from the Fronius webshop.
Why is there no extended warranty for my device?
Extended warranties can only be purchased for Fronius inverters which are still covered by a valid Fronius warranty, and only then if the maximum warranty period of 15 years has not been exceeded.